Daegu Art Factory

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Residency Program

또 다른 예술세계를 향한 도약,
대구예술발전소 신진 예술가 지원사업

The artist-in-residence program organized by Daegu Art Factory is an incubating program designed to support the creative activities of young, talented local artists and art groups in order to promote the establishment of a multi-functional space where numerous different art genres and mediums come together and create synergy. Selected through an open evaluation process, the participating artists are given the opportunity to use the Daegu Art Factory studio for their artistic activities, including workshops and exhibitions.

Citizen Participation Programs(Open Studio)Expansion of artistic experiences from simple viewing to active participation through educational programs, leading to active communication between artists and art lovers
Individual Programs Solo exhibitions by artists-in-residence
Joint Programs Production of artworks through communication and collaboration among program participants Convergence-based exhibitions and performances created through collaboration among artists
Mentoring Program Lectures and roundtable talks / Programs promoting communication between artists-in-residence and viewers, art and culture for youths, and the establishment of mentorship between young and more experienced artists
문화예술 네트워크 타 지역 예술가 및 예술 공간의 교류를 통한 네트워크